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Arab Education Consultancy

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Our values:


1- Responsibility: We are fully committed to our responsibilities towards students, society and partners, and thus we inculcate the concepts of responsibility in our employees on all levels.

2- Competitiveness: We are committed to providing the best and most distinguished services, and that the work is highly efficient and followed up by all employees, as we continually strive To be one of the best agencies that provide complete comprehensive services to students with high quality and efficiency.

We also care that the student is prepared for his educational journey with complete and organized arrangements.


3- Participation: We spread positive energy, teamwork and participation between us as employees and between partners and students.

4- Innovation: the sustainability of innovation in the face of changes and the forefront.


5- Transparency: We adopt the principles of transparency with customers/students, inform them of everything new, and try to find solutions if there are obstacles that hinder them, as per the student's request.


6- Support: We provide full support to the student throughout all of their study period through our offices and our employees abroad to receive assistance and support In case he/she needs anything in addition to providing educational advice.

Engineering Class

Mohammed Mouj

    As a professional Educational Consultant, I am ready to guide you every step of the way. My clients see the benefits of working with me, and love to share their experiences. Check out my previous clients and contact me today.

Ashley Olivia

    Throughout my career, I’ve assisted clients in defining their most complex obstacles and building long-lasting strategies. Take a look at my resume to learn more about my professional and educational experience, and get in touch today.
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